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La Lettre volée proposes an exceptionally rich program since we are pleased to present the catalog of the ongoing exhibition at the BAM museum of fine arts of Mons under the title Le Voyageur et son ombre inviting the artist Xavier Noiret-Thomé to dialogue with the museum’s collections as well as two poetry books distinguished by the CNL (Philippe Blanchon with Fortune and Alain Andreucci with Le moins du monde), the short-stories of two promising young female authors (Rachel M. Cholz with No ou le pactole, first text published and selected by Artcena, and Laurence Skivée with Le Laveur de vitres), no less than four fascinating and passionate essays on music, sculpture, cinema and psychoanalysis (Baudouin de Jaer with Agencer les sons, Pierre Tillet with L’Espace vertical, Benjamin Thomas with Sujets sensibles and Rose-Paule Vinciguerra with La Sexuation sans le genre) and always the funny sketches of our confinement drawed by Anne Wolfers in Carpe diem.

And as always we invite you to discover our small promotional video capsules of our new books presented by their very authors on our Instagram account as well as the news of our authors on our Facebook page while waiting to meet you again in our gallery on Avenue Coghen in Uccle for new readings, exhibitions and meetings after almost two years of forced closure.

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