Co-édition « Africalia »

Africalia Encounters in Bamako
Joëlle Busca (s.l.d.)
coédition Africalia
ISBN 2-87317-209-6
ISBN 978-2-87317-209-1
264 pages, 17 x 24 cm, cousu
2003, 19 €
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Africalia (a non-profit making organisation) is a Belgian cultural cooperation initiative set up in 2000 by the Secretary of State for Development Cooperation, Eddy Boutmans.

The Bamako Encounters brought together eighty African experts of the cultural world : philosophers, artists and in-the-field contributors. Africalia provided them with a venue allowing them freedom of speech, with the objective of opening up future prospects, in other words to let the future of our African partners open for them to practice their freedom, by promoting any process that determines the future and committing ourselves to fight against poverty and support sustainable development. The aim was to compile a document with all the questions raised by African actors, in order to highlight the presence of Africa on the worldÕs art scene and encourage the development trough cultural activities.